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What is My PageRank?

Google PageRank is Google’s way of assessing the relative quality of a Web site or Web page on the Internet. PageRank is measured on a scale of 0 to 10. The stronger the PageRank of a given Web page, the higher the corresponding score on the scale. My Google PageRank allows Webmasters to view their site's PageRank online. In addition, Webmasters can use the provided code from the My Google Page Rank tool to display their site's PageRank to their visitors.

How can I find out my Google PageRank?

The primary method of finding out a Web page's PageRank is to install the Google Toolbar. The Page Rank (PR) is displayed in a small green PR gauge on the Google Toolbar. The Google toolbar can be downloaded for Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers. The Google Toolbar also shows a number of each page's backlinks, but is not considered a true measure of current PageRank. As of the time these FAQs were written, there is no Google Toolbar currently available for Mac users. The visible PageRank is one portion of the true PageRank valuation that Google maintains. The toolbar display can be inaccurate when attempting to assess a page's relative importance.

In addition to the Google Toolbar, tools such as My Google PageRank allow Webmasters to find a site's PR by simply entering their site's URL into an online form. The Webmaster can then paste a small portion of provided HTML code into their Web pages to display their site's PageRank to all their visitors. This provides useful information about the site to its visitors - without the visitors having to install the Google Toolbar.

Is the PageRank (PR) number for the entire site or individual pages?

PageRank is determined for each specific Web page (document). Every page on your website very likely has a different PR. A given site's home page probably has the highest PR, since it probably has the most sites linking to it. Each internal page may have a different Google PageRank. Sometimes, the PageRank for an informative and popular article on an internal page of a Web site will be higher than that of the site’s home page.

How is PageRank calculated?

PageRank is determined based on both the number and quality of the links pointing to a given Web page or document. The higher the PR of a page's backlinks, and the fewer outward-pointing links there are on a Webpage, the more PageRank (PR) is allocated to that Web page. For example, a Web page with a fairly high Google PageRank of 6, but that has many outbound links, might pass along much less PageRank than a PR4 page with only several outbound links. This is just a very basic assessment though. The actual number of variables in calculating PageRank (PR) is simply too high for easy computation.

Does each and every inbound link contribute to the overall total?

PageRank can be compared to a form of voting. A link to a given Webpage can be thought of as a vote for that page. Some documents with higher PageRank are viewed by Google as more important. The "votes" from pages with high Page Rank are given greater importance by Google - much more importance in some cases. Overall, the more inbound links pointing to a specific Web site, the stronger the PageRank will be. Many people interpret PageRank as a quantitative measure of link popularity.

Does the number of links from a page make a difference?

The total number of outbound links from a page does contribute to the amount of PageRank transferred to each receiving page. A Web page with twenty outbound links sends one twentieth of the total available PageRank flow to the receiving page. A document linking to only one other document sends all of the available PageRank transfer to the next Web page.

Is it important to have good PageRank?

Yes, because PageRank is one part of the Google algorithm that determines where your blog or website will appear in the search engine results. Higher PR pages, especially for competitive keywords, will often be listed higher, but high PageRank is only one of an estimated one hundred contributing factors in Google's algorithm. PageRank (PR) should not be considered the most important factor in search engine rankings. Quality content and relevant links are of utmost importance, but PageRank is certainly an important factor to take into consideration.

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